RPBA June meeting

MUTC Approves New Height Plan For RPS, Learn More Wednesday, June 12

Riverdale Park, MD, June 10, 2019 – The developers of Riverdale Park Station last week won

initial approval for a significant height change for the final two buildings proposed at its 38-acre

site along U.S. Route 1. The new latest plan will increase building height from six to

seven stories or to as much as 84 feet above the railroad tracks. The plan won clearance by

Riverdale Park’s MUTC after representatives from Calvin Cafritz Enterprises said it was

abandoning plans for a third building where a drainage pond now rests (with plans to eventually

create a real water feature) but wanted to recapture units in the third building by adding a floor

to the remaining two buildings now on the drawing board.

Cafritz said the new plan calls for 632 apartments, the same number of units announced in an

earlier plan. Since the first plans were announced, area building codes have changed,

permitting the higher buildout. The buildings likely change the area’s skyline and will add to

Riverdale Park Station’s 53,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space already

constructed and operating including Prince George’s County’s first Whole Foods Market.

What to know more about this evolving project and the of slew new businesses that have

recently opened or will soon open in Riverdale Park? Join the Riverdale Park Business

Association at 6 pm Wednesday, June 12 at Riviera Tapas Bar, 6108 Rhode Island Avenue,

Riverdale Park, MD 20737, for an evening of updates on the growing community of Riverdale

Park. You can expect informative chatter with elected officials, government managers, area

development planners, and fellow business operators not to mention enjoying some incredible

tapas. Meet Chef Hugo Bonilla and his wife, operation manager Patricia Martinez and

welcome them to one of Maryland’s fastest growing business hotspots.

Also on the agenda will be area lawyer Michael Herman, vice president of RPBA, doing his

usual but truly unusual brand of housekeeping by unveiling the RPBA’s new Articles of

Incorporation, proposed new laws along with the group’s new logo intended to include not only

Riverdale Park but the greater Riverdale area. RPBA is also entertaining the notion of holding a

fall vintage car show to serve as a fundraiser for redevelopment of Town Center’s main square

so if you have a background in such events, be there!

Join RPBA Today!

Last month, nearly three dozen movers and shakers attending RPBA’s monthly meeting. Shouldn’t you join the next opportunity you get? Learn facts first -- join today! RPBA is accepting new members, rebuilding its committees, and sharpening its focus. If you own and operate a business in Riverdale Park, Greater Riverdale or the surrounding communities, join us and help ignite a thriving business environment in Greater Riverdale.

The business association is currently developing a roadshow series that will conduct meetings in Greater Riverdale Area businesses to showcase those businesses and provide RPBA members with an on-going toolbox to success. Members will also get news and information, and an eye on business development that they won’t get anywhere else.

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